Our Robust Professional Development Program

Besides our highly regarded in-person training, seminars, and workshops, TSS has developed a robust interactive and highly effective PD platform that not only meets the imminent needs of distance learning, it provides the ease of choosing precisely according to one’s need and expertise level. Additionally, it eliminates the time consuming and costly travel, allowing one to learn in familiar environment and at own pace.

With years of combined educational leadership and training experience in a variety of specialties, the programs developed by TSS professionals can meet the needs of virtually any school, grade level, or subject area. Deeply committed to building local capacity, TSS promotes the creation and development of professional learning communities of teachers and administrators who, once trained and coached, can use inquiry-based learning to analyze student results data, plan lesson, and progress monitoring systems. Our user-friendly platform gives all educators the in-house ability to identify continuing needs and to focus on improvement efforts.

With proven skill in providing adult learning opportunities that are engaging, relevant, and immediately applicable, TSS PD platform and professionals bring expertise in instructional delivery, assessment development, standards-based lesson planning, data analysis, and equity to your doorsteps.

Training Programs for Classified Leaders

TSS is offering comprehensive training programs for leaders in certain critical classified management positions. These excellent training programs will minimize future hiring risks by preparing a pool of properly trained candidates for these positions. These in-depth and focused programs will also provide opportunities to build local capacity by having incumbents and other existing employees with promise and potential properly trained.

Facilities Planning and Enrollment Projections

TSS possesses tremendous expertise in various specialties contributing to a comprehensive facilities master plan. We utilize cost-effective, student-centered, and educational program driven approach while developing components that are foundation of sound facilities planning. Our short and long-range enrollment projections not only help in developing a solid facilities plan, they also greatly help in accurate budget planning as well.

Boards and administrations are almost always seeking ways to take their respective districts from good to great. Identifying what is not currently working in the district’s organizational structure and designing effective solutions also becomes essential because of fluctuating personnel needs. Previous budget reductions and resulting elimination of positions have created unintended consequences over time that must be addressed through thorough restructuring. TSS has extensive experience and expertise in developing and proposing workable solutions to help our clients achieve desirable objectives.

In today’s environment of high accountability and limited resources, a program & fiscal review is the key to ensuring the effective utilization of resources, time, effort, and talent. TSS can identify deficiencies and help you strengthen programs, so students are afforded the opportunity to achieve at optimal levels. Who in public education does not recognize imbalance in the special education program delivery and available resources? TSS conducts comprehensive studies with valuable recommendations targeted to both improve program and making it cost effective.