On-Line ACSA/TSS Director of
Maintenance and Operations Academy

Research shows that the learning environment is one of the most important factors in supporting teaching and learning and the director of maintenance and operations is the key person in maintaining this environment. The COVID 19 Pandemic makes this position even more crucial and requires a high degree of knowledge and training to be able to keep facilities safe and clean to properly support teaching and learning. The Academy has been in operation since 2016 and currently has over 75 graduates of the Academy working throughout the state.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Association of California School Administrators (ASCA) /Total School Solutions (TSS) Director of Maintenance and Operations Certificate Academy has been created as a comprehensive program designed to produce new or improve the existing skills of experienced maintenance and operations directors and to enhance the knowledge and skill-set of other school administrators. The class consists of a broad base of education and training in the field of maintenance, custodial, grounds and transportation services, that occurs both in the classroom setting and by practical application. The course will provide an opportunity for participants to expand their skill-set in a challenging yet encouraging environment. Specialized assignments and class projects are done individually and as part of small teams, and learning is evaluated with monthly assessments and a final exam. Participants who successfully complete the course will be issued an ACSA/TSS Director of Maintenance and Operations Certificate.


The lead instructor for the program, David Azcarrraga, has worked for 25 years as the Chief Facilities Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Executive Director and Director of Maintenance, Operations & Transportation for five different School Districts in both Northern and Southern California. The Director of TSS Classified Training Programs is TSS Executive Vice President Dr. Joseph Pandolfo who brings over 30 years of educational industry experience and who moderates all sessions to ensure the continuity of the curriculum. Other presenters for the program are amongst the highest caliber professionals in the state, and include current and retired Maintenance and Operations Directors, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendent’s, as well as directors from agencies such as the Office of Public-School Construction and the California Department of Education School Facilities Division.

Delivery Model and Cost

The program meets once a month on Friday and Saturday and each day includes an AM and PM session. The Academy’s tuition for the 10 month program is $4,500.

For more information contact: Aaisha Ahad

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