On-Line ACSA/ TSS Director of Fiscal/ School Business Manager Academy

Now more than ever, there is a great need in the business office for well trained staff to be able to support teaching and learning. The validity and accuracy of the district’s financial reports and projections are dependent upon the skill of school business employees managing complex financial systems and data. These school business professionals must be well trained and understand the theories, methodology and nuisances of California school finance and accounting in order to succeed.

Comprehensive Curriculum

This program emphasizes specific and pragmatic skills school fiscal leaders need to know to be able to thrive as a school business professional. The content of this academy is presented in an in-line lecture format, relying upon class discussion, small group projects, and out-of-class assignments/practical application. All participants are required to take monthly assessments and pass a comprehensive final exam in order to qualify for the state of California approved Director of Fiscal Services certificate.


The Director of this program is TSS Executive Vice President Dr. Joseph Pandolfo who brings over 30 years of educational industry experience and who moderates all sessions to ensure the continuity of the curriculum. Presenters for the program are amongst highest caliber professionals in the state, and include current and retired CBOs, FCMAT intervention specialists, CASBO members, Superintendents and Assistant Superintendent’s.

Delivery Model and Cost

The program meets eight months month for two days. Each day includes a AM and PM session The Academy’s tuition for the 8 month program is $4,500.

For more information contact: Aaisha Ahad
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