Teaching Mathematics to English Learners

This is a 3-day on-site teacher training program developed specifically to focus on strategies for successfully teaching math to EL students. The 3 days of training are scheduled during the school year to allow an initial training, a refresher and a follow up. The days can be coordinated with the district-wide professional development calendar. Participation by all K-6 grade teachers is strongly recommended.

The training is designed to address a need most elementary schools are facing.  This training is conducted by two trainers, one math content expert and one English language learner expert.

The sessions are held at the district site typically in a 2-day forum with the third day occurring about a month later.  Most districts have chosen to have the training at a school site or a district office conference room.  During the month, between session 2 and 3, teachers are expected to use the strategies in their classrooms.

The cost is $15,500 for a group of 28 or fewer, with a charge of $550 for each participant after 28. One- or two-day trainings, at a lower cost, are also available. Smaller districts that may not have enough teachers to fill the training may want to consider joining with another district to provide the training jointly.

If you would like one of the trainers to give you a call to discuss how this program could work in your school district and to schedule a training for your teachers, give us a call or send us an email. The trainer will be able to answer all of your specific questions about the content of the sessions.

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