Chief Business Official (CBO) Training

TSS’s state-approved, intensive CBO training program provides one year of integrated and interactive instruction and is taught by former and current school district officials.

This academy is also a great resource for current CBOs to refresh their knowledge, access updated information, and learn from and network with their peers. It is a valuable program for educators and education leaders, especially those who hold or want to hold a higher management position such as Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent in a school district. School board members, education services and HR professionals, principals and private industry professionals planning to make a career change; all have participated in this valuable TSS training program.

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Program: TSS’s state-approved, intensive CBO training program provides one year of integrated, hands-on, interactive instruction that

  1. Gives current and prospective CBOs detailed concrete skill sets and resources to manage areas that fall under their purview;
  2. Fosters leadership styles and abilities to instill a vision among staff and plan for its implementation; and
  3. Strengthens communication skills to promote a “business-side” vision for candidates to deal with conflict effectively.

Instructors: TSS’s CBO training program is taught by former, retired, and current school district officials and board members with emphases in business services and related departments. Our instructors are abreast in current developments in their respective areas of expertise.

Cost: The cost for the entire CBO professional development program is $3,000 per student, which includes materials and handouts.

2017 Program Dates

February 17-18
March 24-25
April 21-22,
May 19-20
June 23-24
August 18-19
September 22-23
October 13-14
November 3-4
December 1-2

Current Academy Locations:


Monterey County Office of Education
901 Blanco Circle
Salinas, CA 93901

* * *

Salinas City School District
840 South Main St.
Salinas, CA 93901

Additional Information: The link below provide more information about the CBO training program:

Current Relationship between SB 352, SBE and the CBO Training Program

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