Technology Planning, Design and Support

Technology use and demand continue to increase as school districts work to provide the most efficient networks, systems and communication technology. The need for technology expertise in various specialty areas require districts to maintain staffs that are versatile in skills and kept current with the ever changing technology or seek appropriate assistance from outside sources when a district does not have the internal expertise to meet its technology needs.

A TSS team of experts can provide assistance in systems, networks, professional development and communications and help optimize resources.  TSS professionals have assisted districts in selecting and implementing student information, fiscal and data systems. Additionally, TSS has assisted school districts in creating technology plans which meet state and federal requirements as well as providing action plans to implement robust and effective technology use.

TSS professionals also provide professional development in the analysis of data, implementation of new systems and improving proficiency with current technology tools. The professional development activities are designed to help build internal local capacity and technological expertise to allow the client districts to move forward with the efficient use of technology. 

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