Student Nutrition Services

The nutrition services department of a school district provides crucial support to the academic program by helping children to be healthy and energetic students. With the increasing public demand and legal requirements for providing healthy, nutritious and attractive meals within the budgetary constraints, nutrition services departments are currently facing some formidable challenges. TSS can assist in planning and responding to these complex requirements.

From attracting quality management staff, providing necessary training, preparing nutritional analysis, creating attractive and tasty meal menus, and conducting nutrition services fiscal analysis to engineering strategies to enhance participation and utilizing food commodities to provide the best food for the lowest cost, TSS professional assist client districts in improving the program quality and lowering production costs.

TSS staff has extensive experience and expertise in designing, implementing and managing comprehensive and complex nutrition services programs.  TSS professional experts offer cost effective and efficient solutions including studies for optimum staffing, systems and operations design, procurement reviews, meal planning, food production and meeting of state and federal regulations.

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