Strategic Master Plans

Strategic Planning is often considered to be a tool best suited for the private sector, but more and more successful educational leaders have come to believe that educational agencies, due to their dependence on public support and lay-governance, have an even higher obligation to develop and adopt a strategic plan to:

Build a “Quality Culture”:  Build a sustainable quality culture in the district of high achievement for all students, teachers and the community.

Connect to your stakeholders:  Develop strategies to determine the requirements, needs, expectations, and preferences of students and stakeholders to build relationships that lead to satisfaction, increased educational services and programs.

Gain alignment to the School Plan:  Outline creative ways to align school site mission statements and objectives to district-wide goals and state standards to ensure the most effective use of resources.

Facilitate continuous improvement:  Create an environment where school district leaders and staff provide students and parents with clear proof that what is happening in schools is making a difference, through systematic data gathering and analysis – making it easier to assess needs, respond quickly and spark student improvement.

Sustain improvement through leadership:  Improvement initiatives are received best and sustained when stakeholders can see how leadership “walks the talk”.  Ensure that the district leaders and governance structure understand their role in guiding and sustaining the district.

Create success strategies:  Build professional capacity in your district – identify the right people and skills, develop leadership and quality improvement teams to create and support systematic change to achieve district goals.

TSS’s teams of experts possess skills in all areas of school district administration and can facilitate a comprehensive and inclusive planning process, in collaboration with the district leadership, to develop a strategic plan that will serve as a road map for planning and a guide for decision-making in the years to come.

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