Risk Management Services

School districts are obligated to protect staff and students, provide a safe working and learning environment, and ensure regulatory compliance through necessary policies, procedures and training. The myriad of legal requirements include reporting school site incidents and accidents, investigating any allegations of harassment and/or discrimination, and managing legal and liability claims against the district.

Even prior to budget reductions of the past few years that have devastated risk management programs in school districts, comprehensive risk management had not been given high enough priority it deserved in terms of funding and staffing. A good and effective risk management program can save a district many folds of what the district spends on the program itself in addition to recognizing substantial savings in opportunity cost.

TSS offers a wide array of services and expertise to assist school districts in identifying and reducing exposure to risks, protecting employees, students and instructional facilities, and managing the risk associated with the operations of a public agency. These services include a broad range of prevention and training, safety and planning, liability control, workers compensation and insurance program management necessary for an effective risk management program. 

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