Maintenance and Operations

In order for school districts to deliver high-quality instructional programs, a functional, clean and safe learning environment must exist for students at all school sites. A well-run maintenance and operations department should be aligned with the short and long-term educational goals of the district and strive to provide and maintain facilities that are conducive to learning.

TSS recognizes the importance of high quality maintenance services provided in the most cost-effective manner by a highly productive maintenance and operations team. TSS provides strategic and pragmatic evaluations of all maintenance and operations services, including custodial and grounds keeping. These evaluations provide districts with the information needed to increase productivity without lowering standards, sacrificing safety or decreasing functionality of their facilities.

TSS utilizes teams of experts from all areas of maintenance & operations to conduct operational efficiency studies. These studies can be narrowly defined to evaluate a specific section or comprehensively to include the entire operations division. Additionally, TSS provides assistance with the development and implementation of preventative and deferred maintenance and work order systems that can enhance productivity of staff and the safety of district facilities.

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