Grant Writing

Even during the good economic times, effective district leadership requires aggressive resource enhancement to provide supplemental resources and enhance educational programs.  Based on a specific district’s ethnic and socioeconomic make-up, it may qualify for substantial funding steams through federal, state and local governments as well as private grant programs. A district’s academic status may also qualify it for significant amounts of additional support funds.

TSS professionals, having served in district leadership positions themselves, understand that the district’s general fund alone cannot be enough to address all of the remedial and enrichment needs of all students. They also understand that federal and state categorical programs are generally narrowly designed to serve specifically targeted student populations and may not be available to satisfy funding needs in many other critical areas. 

Recognizing the importance of additional supplemental funding, TSS professionals have developed unique expertise in researching opportunities, preparing and submitting grant applications, and using data and supporting documentation to ensure the applications we submit receive higher consideration through a competitive process. TSS grant professional have a high rate of success in obtaining funding for our clients.

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