Data Integrity and Security

Each week, news tells of another business or school district which has experienced a website or computer system that has been compromised. Data security breach and loss of computers with sensitive information are common occurrences.  Despite the risk, school districts are usually not equipped to manage the design, implementation and monitoring of data security systems.  Due to a lack of in-district expertise, the data security measures are, often minimally addressed and, difficult to monitor.

With its extensive experience and network of partnerships with security professionals, TSS can identify, quantify, analyze, and assess risks to help ensure the district’s data are secure and adhere to applicable privacy legislation. A strategic information systems security plan ensures the safety and security of school and district data and is an integral part of the commitment to protect students, staff and school communities.

TSS can help design and implement a data/information security system which will allow a school district and/or COE to keep its data secure and its networks protected. TSS professionals can assist with information system security assessments, review and update of policies and procedures, and the implementation of a cost effective, comprehensive security design.

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