Salary and Compensation Studies

With the changing needs, priorities and funding, the assignments of school district staff change over time. Since new assignments are usually added based on qualification and capacity of individual employees, they are not generally distributed fairly and equitably. Unfortunately, when budget reductions occur, a plan to distribute responsibilities of laid off and separated employees is generally not developed, or not followed with fidelity, adding to the disparity of responsibility and compensation.

TSS conducts comprehensive salary and total compensation studies to help school districts in rewarding employees based on the concept of comparable worth. We conduct salary and compensation surveys of the comparison band districts to obtain data for like positions and classifications and determine appropriate compensation for the work performed by a certain position/classification. Our studies are widely respected due to their objectivity, fairness and validity.

The unique nature of TSS allows involvement of educational leaders from all walks of school district and site management in conducting an all-inclusive analysis of the importance of each function performed by employees, resulting in a qualitative evaluation as well as quantitative assessment of their work and its worth. These advantages, combined with unparallel attention to unique needs, culture and environment of each district helps develop most comprehensive, trusted and high quality compensation studies in the industry.

TSS also conducts management organizational and compensation studies to provide optimal management staffing, and appropriate and competitive salaries, benefits and other incentives to attract and retain the most qualified staff.

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