Operational Procedures and Manuals

Most departments in a school district need well-defined and easily understandable procedures that staff can implement thoroughly and consistently.  Sometimes, the department relies heavily on employees’ individual and collective memory, and on documents that my or may not be readily accessible and helpful for completing necessary tasks. 

TSS develops written procedures, organized for consistency with board policies and procedures, to address classified, certificated, management, supervisory and confidential employee issues unique to a district. Important forms and other documents used routinely by staff are included and organized for ready access in an operational procedures manual. The information in the manual is comprehensive and allows staff to support programs, schools and employees throughout the district with maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

TSS assists in developing practical, user-friendly, written operational procedures to maximize efficiency and consistency. More importantly, our procedure manuals take in account the unique cultural norms as well as funding and staffing constraints of a specific district.

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