Job Description Development

Periodically, districts need to review existing job descriptions to ensure that duties and responsibilities assigned to employees in various classifications reflect the actual work required by the district of the positions. TSS reviews existing job descriptions, collects data from employees and supervisors to verify the assignments, and develops recommendations for more appropriate and best-aligned job descriptions for classified, certificated, management, supervisory and confidential positions.

Job description development may be conducted separately or in conjunction with a reorganization or classification study.  In the later case, the revised job descriptions are consistent with the overall goals and objectives of the district in regard to supporting efficient organizational structures or providing appropriate levels of employee compensation.

TSS professionals work with steering committees, union representatives, and district administration to complete revisions and obtain approval of job descriptions and to help ensure that the interests of the parties affected by the changes have been met satisfactorily.

TSS’s in-house expertise in virtually every area of school district management helps provide consistency and quality assurance throughout various departments and sites during the job description development and update process.

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