Fact Finding

We provide an analysis of the district’s financial status in a non-accusatory, impartial and fair manner to help districts and their collective bargaining groups reach amicable decisions in regard to the availability of funds.

At times, districts must take steps to independently verify information to confirms (or disaffirm) allegations, actions, or perceptions. TSS assists school districts in gathering important information that protects individuals’ privacy rights and serves as a basis for appropriate and informed administrative responses. Services are designed to meet the particular needs of a situation.

Examples of areas in which fact finding services can assist districts include:

  • Complaints and allegations against employees or district programs
  • Collective bargaining issues
  • Employer-employee relations issues, including grievances
  • Employee performance and evaluation

TSS enjoys a reputation of impartiality, fairness and integrity that helps dissolves misperceptions, misgivings and accusations and enhances acceptance by the employees and their representatives.

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