Efficiency and Productivity Studies

The programs and systems of school districts revolve around people. TSS firmly believes in empowering people with effective systems. From departmental efficiency audits to increased district efficiency on other levels, TSS will assist your district in developing policies, procedures, and systems for success.

For example, a district may conduct an efficiency study focusing on how well the business and personnel departments align their practices and job assignments; or, it may want to examine staffing levels and assignment of responsibilities to determine more cost-effective strategies for providing important instructional and support services.  Whatever scope is determined by the district for study, a TSS study examines the district’s unique culture and analyzes the systems currently in place to develop recommendations for new systems and strategies for improving efficiencies, motivating employees and increasing productivity.

Even in a high performing district, as the programs evolve and new duties are assigned to employees, a periodical review of the programs and departments and resulting adjustments can help realize efficiencies and enhance productivity.  TSS studies have been credited by the client districts for optimizing their operations and use of resources.

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