Reorganization and Reclassification Studies

Districts often need to consider improved delivery systems and organizational structures as they experience changes in student enrollment, program delivery, budget priorities, and personnel.  TSS offers assistance to districts for organizing divisions and departments in order to streamline and improve service delivery of scarce resources.

TSS staff works with each district to determine the scope of the study the district wishes to pursue.  A study of the organizational structures may include a single department, a combination of departments, or the entire district.

A reclassification study provides a comprehensive analysis of the classifications and appropriate, related compensation structures. TSS also conducts management organizational and compensation studies to provide optimal management staffing, and appropriate and competitive salaries, benefits and other incentives to attract and retain the most qualified staff.

Depending on the type and scope of the study, such assistance may include:

  • Complete review of existing positions and related responsibilities in a department, division, or the entire district.
  • Provision of alternative options for improved organizational structure strategies that reduce ongoing costs and provide more effective use of human resources aligned with meeting district goals.
  • Development of strategies for initiating new organizational structures that support the district’s goals, including working with individuals and employee associations for implementation.
  • Development of organizational charts and job descriptions to assist with the communication and ongoing success of the reorganization of employee duties and responsibilities.
  • Recommendations of appropriate compensation structures within the district’s budgetary capabilities to ensure that compensation levels are competitive and fair, and help attract and retain most qualified employees.

TSS studies have been credited by the client districts for helping to optimize their operations and use of resources.

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