Collective Bargaining Assistance and Training

Successful collective bargaining requires that parties establish a trusting, positive working relationship based on good communication practices. It also requires knowledge of collective bargaining laws and successful best practices.  Whether through traditional bargaining or interest-based bargaining, TSS staff assists by working directly at the bargaining table as a team member or facilitator. TSS also provides “behind the scenes” assistance to identify contract issues and potential strategies for reaching agreements that both parties can embrace.

TSS provides services that help bargaining teams work together harmoniously and reach agreements that promote the district’s instructional and programmatic interests. TSS labor relations services provide districts with guidance in refining the scope of agreements, drafting proposed language, and negotiating contracts. TSS professionals understand how to work with diverse groups of individuals and bring divergent interests together to create best-practice solutions for our clients.

TSS also offers training in the interest-based bargaining process. TSS has successfully trained both certificated and classified bargaining teams, including the management bargaining team members, to clarify issues, identify interests, develop options, reach consensus, and finalize agreements that are long-lasting and “win-win” for both parties.

TSS services have been instrumental in assisting our clients through the collective bargaining process and producing excellent bargaining outcomes in the support of instruction and programs.

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