Administrative Recruitment and Selection

TSS provides comprehensive services to recruit and select the right candidates for administrative positions in school districts.  Recruitment services include advertising, informational materials development and distribution, paper-screening and screening of candidates, facilitation of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interviews, reference checks, and assistance with recommendations to the board of education.

We work closely with our client districts to establish interview timelines, procedures, and communications to ensure a lean, expeditious process.  TSS staff has successfully recruited and placed administrators in school districts that are well-matched with the candidates’ background and the districts’ needs.  Once the successful candidate is placed, TSS works with the district, as requested, to provide mentoring and coaching support to help ensure for a successful transition into the district. 

Through the contacts of a strong network of administrators it has throughout California, TSS ensures that a strong pool of candidates is available for the district to consider in the selection process.  The TSS CBO Academy offered annually also provides additional well-trained candidates and contacts for CBO and Business Services positions that TSS has helped California school districts to fill. Similarly, the Administrative Training program TSS offers provide a strong pool for other administrative positions.

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