Superintendents’ Help Desk Program

The Superintendency of a school district has often been described as a “lonely” job.  Many school boards expect their superintendents to possess knowledge and expertise in virtually all areas of a district’s operations, an expectation that is not reasonable or practicable yet quite wide spread. With the exception of a small number of large districts, very few other districts have the resources to employ specialists in every area of need to assist the superintendents in carrying out the responsibilities of their job.

To assist our client superintendents, TSS has established a Superintendents’ Help Desk program by engaging a team of active and retired superintendents that are committed to help their colleagues succeed. Whatever the questions, concerns, or ideas may be, this group of experts works with one another, if needed, to provide the highest quality professional advice and guidance. All communication and correspondence are kept strictly confidential.

These experienced and well-reputed professionals work as a part of our clients’ collaborative network and an extension of their in-house expertise. The essence of the program is as follows:

  • Telephone, email, and some face-to-face consultation regarding imminent or urgent issues and concerns.
  • Referral to existing and accessible published material such as web sites, handbooks, guides, and other sources of information.
  • Referral to other peers who have experience with similar situations.
  • Referral to outside resources and services that may be helpful.

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