Board and Superintendent Relations

To effectively meet the district’s challenges, the board and the superintendent must function together as a leadership team. To ensure unity among team members, effective operating procedures, or protocols, must be in place. This team must strive to build and maintain public confidence in the Board, the staff, and the good work being done for the benefit of the students.

TSS’s cadre of professionals has worked extensively with school boards and superintendents to maximize their efficiency and productivity. These professionals incorporate the valuable experiences of the district leadership team into the development of the unique solutions to specific problems or issues faced by a school district and help align their work with the board’s goals and expectations. 

TSS helps improve the board and superintendent relations through building a structure of improved communications and an environment of trust and respect for each other.  In addition, our approach minimizes the resistance to change and allows for maximum contribution and support for the administrative team from the board, the district staff and the community.

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