Project or Construction Management

The planning and construction of facilities projects is a comprehensive endeavor.  Many districts do not have ongoing building programs that can justify the staffing levels required to manage projects at peak needs.  The internal staff generally does not have the capacity and/or expertise to handle the demands of a robust facilities program. The budget cuts in the recent years and resulting staffing reduction has exacerbated this problem.

TSS staff possesses extensive experience and expertise in planning, design and construction of facilities projects. These professionals work as the district representatives from the identification of project need through project occupancy and close out.  TSS professionals assist clients with the definition of the project requirements, the selection of the design team and the procurement of other services necessary to complete the design.  They also coordinate with State and local agencies to ensure that requirements of those agencies are met.

The designated TSS team consults with the district management and staff on project delivery methods to determine the process that best matches a specific district’s needs. During the construction process, TSS monitors construction budgets and schedules, and provides input to the design team and the contractor on issues that may arise. Documentation is developed to track changes to the projects.

TSS staff provides regular updates to district staff and make presentations to the school board on the progress of projects and issues that have developed. TSS professionals work cooperatively with the district staff, consultants and contractors to bring each project to a successful close. They do understand, however, that some projects result in needing dispute resolution. TSS professionals maintain documentation on the design and construction process to place client districts in the best position to prevail in these disputes.

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