Program Management

The passage of a local facilities bond is a great accomplishment for any school district. Once passed, the district is expected to develop the facilities program that will deliver the projects promised through the bond language. Often, due to assessed valuation limitations, bonds need to be sold over a period of years. Thus, the projects indicated in the bond language need to be prioritized, budgeted and scheduled to coincide with the sale of bonds and availability of funds. 

The TSS team, with extensive program management experience, help coordinate and/or manage these efforts. In addition to the funding available through the sale of local bonds, districts may have funding opportunities through the State or federal programs. TSS professionals evaluate those opportunities and assist districts in obtaining those additional funds.

TSS program managers develop project budgets consistent with the approved bond language, define specific project scope and schedule projects for design and construction. They assist clients with the selection of professional services necessary to complete the design and obtain approval of the projects. They also provide consultation on project delivery methodologies and the selection of contractors, providing added benefits to client districts.

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