Labor Compliance Program (LCP)

Prior to August 2010, the State required districts to provide for the monitoring of prevailing wage laws through the administration of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) approved Labor Compliance Program (LCP).  A district could develop and manage their own program or contract with third party entities to provide these services. 

In August, 2010, new regulations went into effect transferring these responsibilities to the DIR.  However, those regulations were flawed and were suspended on November 4, 2010.  It is the intent of the DIR to correct those regulations and, once again, take over the responsibility for compliance with prevailing wage laws.  Until those new regulations are in place, districts are required to implement a local LCP for each construction project funded with State bond money.

TSS has a DIR approved Labor Compliance Program and its team of well-accomplished and well-trained specialists provide preconstruction briefing to potential contractors, on-site wage monitoring, documentation and complaint investigation to meet the requirements of the Department of Industrial Relations.

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