Educational Specifications

The foundation of any facilities program should be well thought out and intelligently crafted educational specifications.  These educational specifications tie school facilities with their intended uses in order to effectively deliver the district’s educational program. Schools should be designed from the inside out; the facilities should respond to the educational program needs.  Recognizing that, the California Department of Education now requires school board approved educational specifications for all projects funded under the School Facilities Program.

TSS educational specifications begin with a clear understanding of the educational programs and the teaching methodologies used to deliver the program in the classroom. Based on this information, a detailed list of requirements is developed to guide the design team in the development of the new facilities. That results in facilities that are more conducive to the learning environment and contribute toward a higher level of learning achievement.

The knowledge base of TSS staff with expertise in facilities-related matters span well over a century. With the proper combination of time-tested techniques and the needs and designs of today, as well as our experience in academics and managing educational programs, help districts bring different educational interests together to form a clearly articulated facilities program serving the needs and interests of all students in a community.

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