Asset Management Plans

The economic turmoil of recent years has presented most school districts with new challenges and opportunities.  Many districts are in declining enrollment and, for the first time in many years, find that they may have more schools than are required to house all their students.  Maintenance and security of unused sites adds an additional drain onto a district’s resources.  However, if carefully planned, these facilities can be a source to generate additional funding in support of educational program.

TSS can evaluate the district’s need for facilities, determine the availability of unused or unneeded facilities, and evaluate the alternative uses for those facilities.  TSS professionals develop comprehensive asset management plans which may include the sale, lease and/or other alternative use of facilities for the district’s consideration.

TSS clients have found our asset management plans to be of great value in putting idle and unused facilities to work for their districts.  Due to unique experiences and ingenuity of TSS professionals in developing and implementing comprehensive asset management plans, these professionals have been able to provide a wide array of  innovative options for board consideration.

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