Administration and Facilitation of Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

Proposition 39 mandates establishment of a citizens’ bond oversight committee comprised of a prescribed membership. The purpose of the committee is mainly to communicate with the citizenry about the appropriateness and propriety of expenditures incurred through the bond funds. These committees are expected to stay abreast of the projects undertaken by the district and serve as a conduit of information between the district and its voters.

However, at times, the scope of authority and responsibility of these committees is not clearly defined and/or understood, resulting in the committees overreaching on one hand and failing to meet their minimum responsibilities on other. A training provided periodically to the committee members about the purpose and scope of responsibilities can help enhance the effectiveness of such committees.

TSS has provided this training since the inception of Proposition 39. As a premium provider of Proposition 39 bond performance audits, TSS has extensive experience in working with bond oversight committees and in helping to direct their energy to productive means. Our training helps bridge the differences, resolve conflicts and develop amicable and fruitful working relationships.

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