Assessment and Data Analysis

Assessment and data analysis are widely accepted as important processes in the improvement of student achievement, but the creation/selection of assessments and necessary analysis of the data is not easily accomplished.  Many districts struggle with aligning assessments to the standards and the instructional pacing in their classroom. Furthermore, the analysis of data requires skills most district administrators and teachers do not acquire during their credentialing and training programs. Districts spend precious time trying to create and recreate assessments, determine the best way to analyze the data and assist teachers in the use of the information in the classroom. 

One of the best ways to improve student performance is through an assessment and analysis process which includes delivery of formative and summative assessments, followed by timely evaluation of the assessment results, and the design of lessons to re-teach the standards which were not mastered. After a standard is taught again, the assessment process is repeated to ensure the student has now mastered the standard.

With all of the elements in place a district can monitor the needs of students, and intervene, at more appropriate time, to assist them in successfully mastering the learning and standards. 

TSS professionals have successfully implemented assessment processes in districts of all sizes. The experts at TSS assist districts in aligning curriculum and assessments to the standards.  TSS professional development assists staff and faculty members in learning how to analyze data collected from the assessments and further how to complete the process with lessons designed to meet the identified needs of specific students.

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