Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership and governance is undisputedly essential for a school district’s success. The success and effectiveness of a leader is determined by many factors including the quality of the decisions he/she makes. To ensure that a high quality decision is made, it is helpful to weigh all of available options, and seek input and advice from subject area experts before coming to a conclusion.

Since no one can be possibly an expert in every area of school district management, school the district leaders, at times, need support and assistance to be effective managers – the success of the school district depends on it. TSS has established a leadership coaching program designed to address that specific need and provide essential support.

The program allows the district leaders to make confidential calls and meet with experts for practical advice. Additionally, it helps in building relationships outside of one’s organization as well as earning credibility and strengthening positive relationships inside the district. Our Leadership Coaching clients have enjoyed a great deal of success.

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