District Assistance & Intervention Team (DAIT)

Total School Solutions is a State-approved District Assistance and Intervention Team (DAIT) provider. With its 11 approved team leaders and a number of highly qualified and experienced educationbusinesshuman resourcesfacilities and operations professionals on its staff, TSS offers and provides unmatched opportunities for the districts in need of DAIT assistance.

With its unique business model which allows full-time, experienced and highly-qualified professional leaders in education from all areas of school district management to be readily available, TSS is privileged to be able to offer comprehensive and cohesive solutions for its clients. Since our professionals work with each other collaboratively throughout the year, they are available to see through projects together from the inception through the completion of the implementation. Unlike other teams in the industry which are formed by people who work together only occasionally on ad-hoc basis, if at all; TSS teams develop and propose recommendations that are complete and unlikely to have unintended consequences.

TSS professionals, individually and as a team, are experienced in evaluating and assessing each area (EPC) included in a DAIT study. TSS has provided comprehensive evaluations to a number of school districts, each of which reports benefiting substantially from our evaluations and the resulting recommendations and proposed corrective actions.

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