Assistance to Program Improvement (PI) Schools

TSS recognizes that nowadays Program Improvement (PI) looms large for many schools and districts. Faced with requirements of selecting alternative governance models, districts must ultimately decide how they plan to proceed with their struggling PI schools. Many districts find themselves caught between federal mandates for reconstitution and contractual commitments to employees.

Should a district get there, TSS provides needed assistance to ensure success of the alternative governance, as well as the intervention, academic program quality improvement, and professional development necessary to turn around schools and to build future capacity in the school community so students continue to grow and achieve.

Recognizing the importance of exiting program improvement at an early stage and prior to requirement of an alternative governance structure, TSS professional apply proven strategies to improve instruction and learning, provide needed professional development and recommend early intervention to targeted subgroups of students. The assistance provided by TSS has helped client schools exist program improvements.

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