Administrative Coaching

Hiring qualified and effective leaders who are best fit for a specific school district can be a daunting task. But retaining the successful candidates and ensuring their success can be even bigger challenge. Although the candidates for administrative positions may be qualified academically, the leadership effectiveness of these individuals is not proven until after they assume their positions.

A district may not have the resources to develop otherwise qualified candidates into effective leaders. Further adding to this challenge is the fact that administrative turnover is high, and experienced leaders are currently being replaced by individuals with far less experience.

Each and every time a district hires an administrator, the district is making a substantial investment. Unless provided by the district on an individual basis, there are few professional development opportunities whereby school administrators can receive on-going and confidential assistance on real world matters occurring at their sites. TSS’s administrative coaching is an excellent way to provide on-the-job practical support for all new administrators.

The coaches at TSS are not only qualified but committed to helping school leaders succeed. These individuals have many years of administrative experience in urban and rural, high performing and underperforming, small and large schools and districts, in positions ranging from school assistant principals to shared superintendents of multiple districts. These individuals have enjoyed great success in providing valuable support to administrators in client districts.

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