Accreditation Services and School Support

TSS offers a wide array of services to assist districts and sites in the preparation of accreditation planning, documentation and team visitation. Our exceptional teams of experienced and highly qualified experts have been instrumental in designing and implementing solutions for the difficult task of mastering the accreditations process from initial applications to full school site documentation and visitation. TSS services are focused on public, private, charter schools and schools with a unique purpose and direction. TSS can design services to match the needs of individual school sites.

Our educational services include but are limited to the following:

  • Assist with the completion of the Initial application for accreditation standing.
  • Follow-up for recommendations from previous accreditations.
  • Mentor the Principal or Director on procedures and practices of the accreditation.
  • Establish effective communication to enhance the school improvement process.
  • Train the leadership team to provide the staff necessary knowledge, skills and ability to successfully complete the accreditations process.
  • Lead the focus group chairpersons through a leadership model that will enhance their ability to guide the staff through discovery, structure and document design.
  • Blend the accreditation principals and guidelines into a timeline/calendar which will provide a continuum of school improvement.
  • Guide the writing committee through chapter elements within each of the five chapters.
  • Structure the home groups/secondary department to collect evidence and disseminate information to staff and stakeholders.
  • Convert areas of need, growth and recommendations into school wide action plans.
  • Identify data that will drive instruction and provide evidence of improved student performance.
  • Organize and motivate stakeholders to effectively work together in student, staff and parent groups.
  • Facilitate surveys to students, staff and parents to identify areas of need and demonstrate growth.
  • Guide the school through the myriad of details in organizing the site to welcome the accreditation visitation team.
  • Coach the principal and the school in the writing of the accreditation document.

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