Position Control

Position control is an essential process for the vitality of school district operations, as nearly 85 to 90 percent of school district costs reside in personnel-related expenses. A common theme generally found among school districts in fiscal distress, and those who suffer with weaker fiscal oversight and management, is a lack of a robust and strong position control system.

TSS professionals have extensive experience in designing and implementing position control systems that improve management of expenditures related to human resources. By safeguarding the resources available to a school district, an effective position control system improves budget management and control processes throughout a district, while strengthening accountability and enhancing fiscal responsibility.

TSS professionals assist by analyzing the district’s current operations and environment, developing and smoothly implementing effective and reliable systems of position control, training district staff on position control, and performing related budgetary functions to protect against the use of funds on unauthorized positions to ensure that personnel allocations are supported within the budgetary constraints of the district.

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