Budget Review and Analysis

With changing statutory requirements, fluctuating student enrollment, and uncertain state funding, effective budget management by school district administrators has become more vital than ever.  Also, prudent management requires well-thought out steps at the time of budget reductions and careful planning at the time of restoration and/or expansion.

With extensive experience in analyzing and evaluating budgets, TSS has proven to be of tremendous help to the client districts. TSS professionals enjoy a reputation of strong technical expertise and unfaltering fairness in presenting information. We recognize and value the local expertise and know-how and strive to design our solutions to fit the unique needs and circumstances of a district.

Not only do we help school districts avoid budgetary and financial difficulties through timely reporting of any existing issues, TSS professionals also assist them in improving relationships with their bargaining units. TSS can help determine the total available resources for collective bargaining consideration in a non-threatening way with a process that fosters mutual trust and respect and results in stronger employer-employee relationships.
TSS maintains an unwavering focus on student needs, instruction and educational programs while developing prudent budgetary solutions and practicable recommendations.

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