Budget Development, Control and Monitoring

Even fully and well-staffed districts find themselves struggling with the added seasonal work such as budget development while meeting the day to day vigorous demand of district financial management. TSS staff possesses extensive expertise in budget development and specializes in making the budgeting process transparent to staff and the community and thus developing trust in the process and the resulting data that best serves the district.

Having a TSS team of experts review and, where needed, revise the budget, development and control processes and underlying budget assumptions, can help school districts optimize their resources. TSS client districts have been able to reduce waste and direct scarce resources toward the accomplishment of highest priorities for the benefit of their students. TSS professionals have been successful in helping school districts streamline their budgeting process and realize operational savings.

TSS budget monitoring and control processes assist client districts in maximizing the use of restricted funding to enhance available unrestricted funding resources.  Our professionally designed budget solutions are based on the unique situation of each district and the needs of the students it serves.

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