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Training Programs for Classified Leaders


Although variations in actual assignment exist, generally a District M&O Director coordinates and oversees the day-to-day operations of the School District’s maintenance and grounds programs and personnel. Principally responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the deferred maintenance program and other short and long-range ongoing and preventative maintenance plans and programs for school sites, buildings, systems, vehicles and equipment as it relates to maintenance, custodial and grounds. Plans, organizes, directs and supervises maintenance, custodial and grounds activities, repairs/renovations and special projects and responsible for related and assigned budgets. In smaller districts, M&O Directors also handle facilities related activities.

The training program will include the following topics:


  • Understanding the scope and purpose of general maintenance
  • Establishing standards of services and their implementation
  • Utilizing a work order system effectively
  • Development and implementation of a preventive maintenance plan
  • Deferred Maintenance Plans – Developing one, purpose and use
  • Why having an Equipment Replacement Plan/Program is a good idea


  • Equitable distribution of resources and custodial allocations
  • Cleaning Standards – Do you have them; how to use them effectively
  • Custodial scheduling and oversight
  • Effective event planning, district-wide calendar of events and coordination with sites
  • Working with your Student Nutrition Services Department
  • Use and disposal of chemicals and HazMat
  • Safety, OSHA, Disaster Preparedness, Injury Prevention and Blood Borne Pathogens


  • Developing budgets for Maintenance, Operations and Grounds
  • Opening a new site – Impact on budget and personnel
  • Smooth implementation of needed budget reductions
  • How to analyze budgets continually to contain cost
  • Purchasing equipment, supplies and material cost effectively
  • Warehousing – Pros and Cons
  • Declaring surplus and disposal of materials and equipment


  • Identifying, recruiting and selecting good maintenance, custodial and grounds staff
  • Working within the constraints of a collective bargaining agreement
  • Providing trade appropriate training opportunities for employees
  • Effective supervision, evaluation and discipline processes
  • How to measure performance effectively and document it

Intra-District Relationships

  • Maintaining a professional relationship with the Superintendent
  • How to maintain a cordial but professional relationship with the board
  • Setting expectation for the M&O staff regarding interpersonal relationships
  • Working collaboratively with the site staff
  • Instituting a student first model of services
  • Participation in facilities planning

Community Relations

  • Serving on the district negotiation teams
  • Serving on facilities related committees
  • Interagency Relations – City and County staff
  • Facilities Use – How it can be a marketing tool
  • Buying local – How to strike a balance


  • Preparing and presenting agenda items to the board
  • Being a supportive and contributing member of the management teams
  • Confidentiality and maintaining confidence
  • Respecting and implementing a team decision and agenda
  • Understanding your role in teaching and learning processes
  • Different management styles, core values and their impact on relationships


Giving Me The Tools I Need To Succeed!

Total School Solutions Maintenance and Operations Training gave me a deeper understanding of things I face on a day to day basis. As a fairly new director, I was given valuable information to help me grow in areas such as budgets, construction, bond allocations, employee evaluations and discipline, preventative maintenance, staffing needs, and many others. There were several guest presenters that brought with them a vast array of knowledge and skills that I will find useful well into the future. Thank you for the jump start on my new career!

Robert Dias, Jr.
MOT Director
Bass Lake Joint Union Elementary School District


As a first-time M&O director, I appreciate the real-time information that we receive in the back-to-back training sessions. Twenty three M&O directors from all around the State of California meet in a classroom for two days at-a-time and exchange experiences with issues, problems, and things that go right for us. Some of us are new to our positions and some have been doing this for many years. Everyone brings with them a set of experiences that others find very useful. The instructors have vast knowledge of the field and they, together with the guest speakers they bring in, provide the group with information that is new to almost all of us. Every class session I hear someone say “I can’t wait to get back and try that in my district”. I’m finding the program to be very worthwhile. It’s certainly making us aware of all the regulation items that we’re not doing and should be doing.

Bruce Wilke
Director-Maintenance, Operations, & Facilities
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District


I have worked in the Facilities Department for twenty-four years and was recently promoted to our District’s Director of Maintenance Operations and Transportation. The comradery and relationships formed in these highly informative and valuable sessions are going to last well beyond the classes themselves. I have obtained so much insight and information from the leadership and skilled presenters brought in for our sessions that I would not have had otherwise.

I completly recommend this program and know that anyone attending would benefit from the treasure-trove of information and years of experience these sessions bring to the group of attendees. You will not be disappointed – I urge you to enroll now.


Bob J. Brown
Director of Maintenance Operations and Transportation
Ocean View School District


I am excited to recommend the Total School Solutions – Director of Maintenance & Operations class! TSS is paving the way in providing training for District Management. TSS covered a wide variety of topics from Maintenance and Operations, to Technology and Transportation.

The class is very interactive and the round table discussions provided answers to a host of challenging questions. The camaraderie and networking with my fellow classmates will last a lifetime. I am very excited to move forward in my career with the knowledge and expertise I have received from this course.

Thank you,

Darren Fort
SCESD Maintenance Supervisor

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Program Dates for 2020


All sessions are held from 8 am to 4 pm


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