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Typically working under the Assistant Superintendent, Business Services/CBO, in a larger district, a District Fiscal Services Director coordinates and oversees the School District’s fiscal services processes and personnel. Principally responsible for the preparation, reporting and control of budgets and financial activities of all of the funds of the District. Performs the accounting and monitoring functions, including all state and governing board required reporting that may be necessary. Generally responsible for supervision of the accounting, payroll and budget staff; ensuring appropriate development and implementation of all accounting and payroll systems and procedures.

Intended Audience:

Current Fiscal Services Directors and Business Managers as well as those who aspire to serve in these positions or in the position of the Chief Business Official. Smaller school districts’ administrators such as superintendents and assistant superintendents in-charge of Fiscal operations will also greatly benefit from this academy.

This comprehensive training program will cover, among others, the following topics:

Budget Development and Control

  • Budget calendar and critical timelines
  • Budgeting and accounting processes and procedures for all funds
  • Department and site administrators’ role in budget development
  • Presentations to governing board and community members

Financial Reporting

  • Reporting regulations and requirements
  • Preparation of Interim Reports
  • Federal and State programs reporting
  • Use and purpose of audits

Employee Supervision

  • Recruiting and hiring of fiscal services employees
  • Evaluation and discipline processes
  • Setting goals and benchmarks for staff and self
  • Technical training and professional growth of staff

Relationship with board members and administrators

  • Relations with superintendent and cabinet
  • Dealings with board members
  • Interaction with different departments
  • Service to schools, principals and school staff

Community Relations

  • Negotiations with bargaining units
  • Working with Budget Advisory Committee
  • Serving on other district site committees
  • Transparency in budgeting

Other Critical Functions

  • Managing payroll processes
  • Position Control System
  • Internal Controls
  • Categorical program compliance


  • Preparing and presenting agenda items to the board
  • Being a supportive and contributing member of the management teams
  • Confidentiality and maintaining confidence
  • Respecting and implementing a team decision and agenda
  • Understanding your role in teaching and learning processes
  • Different management styles, core values and their impact on relationships



Program Dates


All sessions are held from 8 am to 4 pm


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