Tina Burkhart
Director, District Support Services

Tina Burkhart has a rich background in curriculum development; professional development; teacher learning; instructional and administrative technology; elementary and secondary education, including special education; and data-driven decision-making to support educational innovation and improvement. Ms. Burkhart uses her experience as an elementary and secondary teacher with her technology background to integrate instructional and technology systems to advance student achievement.

As a director of school district technology departments, Ms. Burkhart has been noted for her ability to integrate technology effectively into curriculum and instructional delivery. She has developed and implemented systems to analyze assessment and testing data and to evaluate student benchmarks, including data related to attendance, grades, and other performance indicators.

For Burkhart, disaggregated data guide the development of intervention for low-performing students and instructional improvement. Her technology work is underpinned with close, active collaboration with elementary, middle school, and high school principals and teachers and her own observations of classroom instruction, which drives the strategic use of technology in the curriculum. Ms. Burkhart’s work in testing, assessment, data analysis, and technology is closely aligned with national and statewide reform efforts, as illustrated by the state-issued technology mentoring training Ms. Burkhart has provided.

As Director of District Support Services for TSS, Ms. Burkhart provides management consulting services and carries out activities to support district programs and services. As a project leader for a variety of assigned projects, she assists in identifying problems and issues faced by client districts, selects appropriate team members to analyze issues, and develops recommendations and solutions.