Tahir Ahad, MBA, CPA

Mr. Ahad is the president and chief executive officer of Total School Solutions (TSS). He founded the firm in 1999 and has been instrumental in maintaining the highest quality of the services offered by TSS and earning the confidence of clients TSS serves.

Besides his executive responsibilities at the firm, Mr. Ahad continues to be involved in providing direct services to TSS clients; primarily in the areas of efficiency studies, performance audits and evaluations, systems improvement, and developing and implementing best educational management practices.

Mr. Ahad has had a distinguished career in public education, serving as chief business official in five school districts. He had the opportunity to manage and implement facilities programs in each of these districts, three of which exceeded well over $100 million in construction.

Mr. Ahad has planned and constructed elementary, middle, and high schools. He is experienced in financing, planning, construction, and furnishing of school facilities. He has managed and overseen land acquisition and site improvement needs, including interaction with appropriate and relevant agencies.

Mr. Ahad has two decades of successful experience in developing systems and internal controls and in implementing improvements in all areas of K-12 school business management, including fiscal services, budget development and reporting, maintenance and operations, administrative and educational technology, risk management, and food services. Mr. Ahad takes pride in his record of student-centered decision making.

Besides his successes as a chief business official, Mr. Ahad is recognized for his knowledge of educational programs and expertise in employee-employer relationships, contract negotiations and maintenance, and human resources.  Mr. Ahad has developed excellent working relationships with employee bargaining agents and their leadership.

Mr. Ahad holds a masters degree in business administration from Arizona State University and is a certified public accountant in California.