Steve Horowitz, Ed.D.
Director, District Support Services

Since joining Total School Solutions in 2006, Dr. Horowitz has directed projects both in the areas of human resources and educational services. He has served as the lead district negotiator for collective bargaining and has provided training in interest-based bargaining for negotiations teams.  Dr. Horowitz also specializes in conducting reclassification studies; developing operation procedures manuals for human resource offices; and conducting audits and efficiency studies of human resources offices. Dr. Horowitz also leads management recruitment and search services for school districts.

In the area of educational services, Dr. Horowitz has provided services to a number of schools and school districts in Program Improvement process, including High Priority School Grant Program, School Assistance and Intervention Team (SAIT) and District Assistance and Intervention Team (DAIT). Dr. Horowitz is a sate approved DAIT and SAIT lead and has been extensively engaged in providing quality assistance and intervention services to client districts in California.

Prior to joining TSS, Dr. Horowitz completed thirty-four years of demonstrated leadership in California public education, including twenty-six years in administration in unified school districts.  Dr. Horowitz has an established reputation in organizational development centered on student and staff performance. His leadership has built trust and strong working relationships among members of school communities, particularly in the areas of educational services and human resources.

Dr. Horowitz has served with distinction at multiple educational levels – as principal of elementary and secondary schools and as director/principal of specialized programs, including preschool programs. As associate superintendent for educational services in two districts, Dr. Horowitz led comprehensive reforms for implementation of district, state, and federal educational initiatives. These reforms resulted in improved organizational structures that supported student learning, assessment, accountability, staff development, curriculum implementation, alternative programs, and special education.

Dr. Horowitz has also provided leadership as assistant superintendent for human resources, with successful results in employer-employee relations and the development of efficient, effective human resource practices. Dr. Horowitz has nurtured strong relationships with key individuals and groups. His expertise has helped school districts successfully implement interest-based bargaining to complete multiyear contracts, resulting in trusting collective bargaining environments that focus energy on student learning.

Dr. Horowitz earned a master’s degree in education from Stanford University and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Southern California.