Robert Kessler
Senior Advisor, Educational Leadership

Robert Kessler has been serving the California public education in the capacity of classroom teacher, principal of middle and elementary schools, director of personnel and superintendent for the last 34 years. Mr. Kessler’s career in public education culminated as superintendent of a large school district of 26,000 students from where he retired in 2008.

During his exemplary service of over three decades to students and schools, Mr. Kessler has been recognized for his leadership skills, student-centered decision-making and his ability to develop consensus. He possesses unique expertise in working collaboratively with community and professional groups which allows him to develop workable solutions to complex multi-faceted issues. Mr. Kessler has been actively involved with professional leadership organizations such as the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) through which he helps his peers acquire similar skills.

At TSS, Mr. Kessler is responsible for leading and coordinating project teams, serving on DAIT and SAIT teams, providing leadership coaching and training, facilitating board-superintendent relationships, contributing in organizational studies and analysis, and offering other quality services and assistance to our clients.

Mr. Kessler is a proven and inspiring facilitator and has presented at the ACSA Academy for Aspiring Superintendents and ACSA Personnel Academy. He facilitated and coordinated the State-wide Executive Leadership Center for experienced superintendents. He has also served on a number of boards and committees serving the interests of public education in California including the State Advisory Committee on Autism in public schools.

Mr. Kessler earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California Berkeley in Political Science and African studies, completed his two master degrees in Secondary Education (Curriculum) and Educational Administration at San Francisco State University and completed graduate course work at Harvard University Graduate School.

Mr. Kessler is an adjunct faculty member at California State University where he teaches school finance and human resources. He also holds a Leadership Coach Certification through a joint-venture program offered by the University of California, Santa Cruz and ACSA.