Jim Miller
Director, District Transportation Services

Mr. Miller is the Director of Transportation for Total School Solutions (TSS), with 25 years of transportation experience and service in a variety of other professional capacities. He has worked with widely diverse communities as Assistant Vice President of a major California bank and as a teacher with the R.O.P. in the San Francisco Bay Area. For seven years Mr. Miller served on a school district negotiating team where he helped to craft uncommon solutions to difficult contractual issues while maintaining positive relations with bargaining unit leadership throughout years of major budget reductions. His background makes him uniquely qualified to assist client districts in a broad spectrum of transportation needs including management, budgetary efficiency, staff utilization, labor relations, evaluations, training, and teamwork.

Mr. Miller possesses a storehouse of technical knowledge, the experience and ability to organize an efficient transportation system, and excellent interpersonal and teaching skills. His career has been characterized by responding to challenging issues with unique and insightful team solutions.