Elois Brooks, MA, MA Ed Admin
Senior Advisor, Academic Programs Improvement

With more than four decades in public education, Ms. Elois Brooks has experience as an elementary and middle school classroom teacher and principal, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, chief academic officer, and chief of staff. As a TSS lead for School Assistance and Intervention Teams (SAIT), she brings her rich experience of school improvement to provide our client districts with a principled, data-driven, community-wide approach to increase student achievement for all students.

While serving as the Chief Academic Officer of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) , Ms. Brooks is credited for the development and implementation of SFUSD’s effective Students and Teachers Achieving Results (STAR) initiative, designed to increase student achievement at underperforming schools through targeted interventions at school sites. Under her direct leadership, a ll STAR schools in SFUSD received intensive additional resources in the form of additional personnel, additional professional development, and enhanced support from the central office to support student academic achievement.

Ms. Brooks was also responsible for major reforms implemented in San Francisco county schools. She established an in-take center where all participants were evaluated and needs identified by a team of professionals, including a counselor, social worker, truancy coordinator, district teacher, paraprofessional, and nurse prior to placement in a county school. These reforms ensured that educational services and curriculum provided to students in county schools were equivalent to the same high standards that all SFUSD students received. Prior to her service in San Francisco schools, Ms. Brooks was deputy superintendent of the Washington, D.C. Public Schools.

Ms. Brooks has received numerous honors and awards, including the Department of the Army Commander’s Award for Public Service; District of Columbia Public School’s Service Award; Riverside Unified School District’s Principal of the Year Award; and Phi Delta Kappa International Fraternity’s Outstanding Leaders in Educational Award.

Ms. Brooks received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Xavier University, New Orleans. She holds a Master of Arts in Education Administration from the University of Redlands in Southern California and a Master of Arts in Policy and Planning from Harvard University.