Claudia Gray, M.Sc.
Consultant, Speical Education

Ms. Claudia Gray brings her extensive experience in education, particularly special education, as well as other key skills, talents and abilities to the TSS team.  Ms. Gray has more than 20 years of experience as an administrator in education.  Over the span of her career, she has been a teacher in general and special education, a program specialist, district level coordinator as well as Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) director in both single-district and multi-district SELPAs.

In addition to her teaching endeavors in elementary and middle schools, Ms. Gray has had a successful career as a ‘difference maker’ in special education instruction at various well-recognized universities.  Ms. Gray is an accomplished professional development trainer, presenter and facilitator, having trained under Dr. Robert Garmston.  She has taught presentation skills to large groups of professionals. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in developing Local Plans, interagency agreements, grants and governing board policies. 

Ms. Gray was part of the San Diego County Office of Education team which focused on building Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtI2) models within the county, supporting site level teams and building capacity within the local school districts.  She  also made many valuable contributions as a part of the ScaleUP Project team through the Riverside County Office of Education.

Included among the list of Ms. Gray’s accomplishments is opening the first public preschool program for children with Autism in southern Riverside County.   She significantly decreased the number of students in special day classes in a large K-12 district while reducing the overall percentage of students in special education. She has worked extensively with SELPA financial allocation plans including  early plan development and facilitating the redesign process of the financial allocation plan for a 10-district SELPA.  Ms. Gray has a broad array of experiences with many research based programs and resources, both academic and behavioral, to improve outcomes for all students.

Ms. Gray holds a Masters degree in specific learning disabilities from the University of Nebraska.