Adrianne (Randi) Trontz
Educational Consultant and Coach

Mrs. Trontz has distinguished herself as an outstanding educator during her long, illustrious career in education.  Retired for four years, she continues to make a difference for elementary and middle school administrators and their students throughout Southern California.   Engaged with variety of companies, she consults with and coaches principals and administrative teams, provides professional development for administrators and teachers, works with Title I schools to focus on implementation of English Learner programs and support, and serves/has served as a member of both SAIT and DAIT teams.

After retiring, Mrs. Trontz also became a certified Trainer and program coordinator of Cultural Proficiency, trained by Randy Lindsey and Kikanza Nuri Robins.

During her 37 years working in school districts as a highly respected teacher, coordinator, project supervisor, and a principal, Mrs. Trontz worked in schools of various socioeconomic levels.   She served as a principal for 27 years including all configurations–K-5, K-6, K-8, 6-8, 7-8 in sites ranging from 500 to 1600 students.  Her extensive experience and success with Title I schools, ability to speak Spanish, and training in effective ELD, SDAIE methodology and research, and experience as a second language learner proved invaluable at her last school.  Moved to a PI Year 4 school (maximum possible at the time), she was asked to improve it as quickly as possible.  Within three years, the school was stabilized and out of Program Improvement.  She has effectively assisted other principals in replicating many of the most powerful strategies utilized (1600 students, K-5) at other sites.  She presented these strategies at the On the Right Track conference, in October 2007.

Mrs. Trontz holds a masters degree from USC, and a BA from UCLA.