TSS History

Total School Solutions (TSS) was originally formed in 1999 by a group of educational professionals who intended to improve the quality of administrative and instructional service support and thus contribute to the overall improvement of the educational system and support to our most important client, the children.

The idea was to model the organizational structure after a successful large district, gather high quality expert professionals, with accomplished careers and stellar backgrounds, belonging to all walks of life in public school administration and offer services in virtually every area of need in pre-K through adult environment. In doing so, we learned from many highly successful and well-reputed educational leaders.

Different divisions of TSS were added incrementally, from Budget & Finance and Facilities to Human ResourcesOperations & TechnologyEducation Services and then Governance & Leadership and Professional Development. TSS also formed strategic partnerships with professional membership and service organizations to enhance its awareness of and responsiveness to the needs of those who serve in public education.

As a result of the high quality of services provided to its clientele, — the school districts in California and beyond, TSS has experienced great success, growth and expansion over the last several years. However, the core group of the team and company management has remained intact.

Over time, TSS has added several key members to its team who bring with them, in aggregate, hundreds of years of experience in instruction, leadership, and school and district management. This has allowed the TSS family to use not only its experience but also familiarity with school systems and, thus, with the specific needs of its clients.

TSS continues to provide its clients students-centered and specific need services and solutions, keeping in mind the unique nature and culture of each district, and custom-tailored to provide optimum benefit and utility to each client.