About TSS

Helping to Create a Better Future One District at a Time.

Total School Solutions is a full-service firm serving the interests of school districts and the students.  We offer comprehensive services in the areas of education, budget and finance, facilities and planning, human resources, leadership and governance, operations, technology, professional development and legal compliance training.  We help design solutions to enhance school districts’ performance, productivity, and viability.

We help districts identify issues, analyze needs and available resources, develop effective sustainable solutions, and implement those solutions for higher efficiency and productivity.  Our solutions are developed with a goal to address the unique needs of each district and the students it serves.

Our approach values both immediate solutions and the development of programs for long-term success of the district and students.

Our staff consists of highly qualified, respected, and experienced professionals, with outstanding track records of success, whose collaborative expertise provides clients with uniquely comprehensive solutions that address all aspects of a district’s needs which virtually eliminate any unintended consequences of our recommended strategies

Our comprehensive solutions consider the intended and unintended effects on the entire organization, creating a sustainable framework for ongoing decision making and systematic improvement.