Expert Assist

Administrative Support Services Improving School Transformation

How many times have you wanted to call someone to discuss an issue or situation, but you didn’t know who to call?  How many smaller projects do you have needing only a few hours of work for which you either don’t have internal capacity/expertise or can’t release an employee from his/her day-to-day responsibilities to attend to this need?

That is the beauty of EXPERT ASSIST. You can make confidential calls and gain advice from experts in the field; and the program can provide you solutions and relief through quality and timely services when you need it most.

The "One-Stop" Opportunity

There are services for school district leaders that address all of their challenges, but these services are spread throughout multiple organizations and embedded in a plethora of web pages requiring memberships and additional fees for each service. ACSA and Total School Solutions (TSS) think you deserve better. We have entered into a partnership to provide one-stop support to school district leaders.  Through EXPERT ASSIST we will provide immediate and ongoing assistance in the areas of most concern to you. We are the support you deserve and can help you realize your full potential as a district leader.

This ACSA/TSS partnership will provide answers and support in one place . . .

saving you time . . . saving your district money.

TSS will provide consulting services including expert advice and performance of smaller projects in the following areas of school and district management:

  • Business/Fiscal Services

  • Collective Bargaining (in collaboration with SEAC)

  • Education Services

  • Facilities & Planning

  • Governance & Board Relations

  • Human Resources/Personnel Services

  • Operations (Technology, Transportation, Food Services, Risk Management, Maintenance & Operations)

  • Special Education

To request a complete listing of services provided by TSS and/or more information about a specific service, please click here.

For immediate support, you will be able to make one phone call, share your area of concern or issues you may in any area of school district management. You will be connected with an expert to assist you. TSS is a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals who collectively possess expertise in virtually every area of school and district operations. By engaging these individuals, you can rest assured that you are doing everything possible to make sound decisions in difficult times.

EXPERT ASSIST is designed to serve as an “Extension of Your District Office.” Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate with other professionals to formulate high caliber solutions to meet the needs of your district.

Why TSS?

TSS is the only statewide firm with the capacity and expertise to provide high quality and timely services to clients in all of the areas noted above. We have resident experts in virtually all areas of school and district management and in recognition of our high quality services ACSA has endorsed TSS services in all these key areas of district operations.  We are optimally positioned to embark on this venture.

TSS professionals have the added benefit of working closely in a team-based approach on an on-going basis, with the experts from all other areas of school district management within TSS, allowing solutions to be tailored that optimize the benefits of our advice to avoid unintended consequences and duplication of efforts.

Why through TSS/ACSA Partnership?

ACSA and TSS share the goal of providing enhanced opportunities for students by helping school districts and county offices of education utilize available, but scarce resources more efficiently by strengthening agency-wide support services. Our services also help ACSA achieve its objective of helping members become more successful by performing their jobs effectively and efficiently.

We also believe that ACSA and TSS as partners bring together a statewide team of professional expertise that is unparalleled in depth and unmatched in breadth.

Cost Structure

The service agreements will be offered in the form of the following packages:

Package A:  10 Hours of service (advice or smaller projects) for $2,150
Package B:  15 Hours of service (advice or smaller projects) for $3,150
Package C:  25 Hours of service (advice or smaller projects) for $5,125
Package D:  40 Hours of service (advice or smaller projects) for $8,000
Package E:  50 Hours of service (advice or smaller projects) for $9,750

These hours can be used to seek expert professional advice or performance of smaller projects. The participating districts will also receive a 10 percent discount on the varied workshops offered by TSS throughout the state.

The hours can be used anytime during the twelve month period after the package is purchased. The time will be accounted for and charged in 15 minute increments. If the available hours are consumed, the district may continue to purchase additional hours at $225 per hour or may simply upgrade the package at any time.